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This website was built by Ara Juan, founder of– a personal blog focusing on scuba diving, ocean conservation and sustainable travel.

After traveling and diving around the Philippines for the past 6 years, she noticed the lack of information when it came to the local dive industry. She would spend countless of hours combing websites, forums, social media, and reading outdated blogs just to find the information she needed. Not only was the information scarce, sometimes there was hardly any information at all! 

She decided to build this website to make it easy for divers to find the perfect dive shops, dive centers, professionals, liveaboards and even ocean conservation programs to fulfill their Philippine diving dreams. 

Equipped with her many years of experience in building her own online businesses, she hopes to help the Philippine diving industry reach their ideal customers through the internet. 

Ara believes that divers are one of the biggest ocean advocates. And she hopes to save our oceans by inspiring more people to go diving. 

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